Our primary function is to rent construction equipment specifically tower cranes &  passenger/material hoists to contractors who either don’t have their own or simply require more than what they have.


Our sales activities only started at the end of 2009 but we have succeeded in penetrating the Egyptian market in prominent projects at a time when the worldwide construction market was almost at a standstill.


At the moment we have a staff of 190 people who work in different capacities complementing each other to form a team of well-trained Engineers, technicians, operators, assistants and office personnel.

Our primary function is to rent specialized construction equipment to contractors. We own, service and operate over 80 pieces of equipment and we have the staff and spare parts to support their regular use. We have a fleet of construction machinery and equipment including tower cranes ranging in capacity from 2.5 Tons to 25 Tons with jibs from 40 to 80 meters and variable heights and methods of erection. All our cranes have computerized safe load indicators in order to make the work safer and easier for both the operator and the site. Additionally we provide passenger material hoists of different capacities & heights. All our machines have third party certifications which are renewed every six months.

With over 190 employees our well trained team of engineers, technicians, operators, mechanics and office personnel are fully prepared to handle all our clients’ needs.

We are proud to be the exclusive sales agent in Egypt for the following international companies:

We invite you to visit their websites and discover the wide range of products they offer.

If you have any inquiries please feel free to contact us by e-mail, phone and fax or by using our contact form on this website.

For large jobsites where we have multiple machines operating on a 24/7 basis we provide a full crew of people and spare parts such as a site manager, mechanics, electrician, stock of spare parts, and spare operators. This gives our clients reliable on-site support and allows them to hit construction timelines quickly and safely.

We pride ourselves in always putting our customer’s needs first and making their life easier.