Equipment Rental

Our primary function is to rent specialized construction equipment to contractors who either don’t have their own or simply require more than what they have.

We have a fleet of tower cranes ranging in size from self-erectors with 40 meter jibs and 8 Ton capacity to standard type saddle jib cranes with 75 meters of jib and 14 Ton capacity. Being the agent of Raimondi tower cranes of Italy is extremely convenient because we can always rely on the factory to support us in any project by providing additional cranes if ours are busy on other jobs.

We also have several 4 Ton, 17 meters long tele-handlers (JCB 540-170) which give us the flexibility of multiple accessories such as forks, dumper, loader, hook, etc. allowing us to reach where cranes can’t go.

Our bobcat skid steer loaders are a great tool in any jobsite and can also be converter to forklift for higher versatility and our light trucks with 3.3 Ton Atlas cranes behind their cab allow us to move things around a large site or bring in deliveries of necessary goods.

Our man-lifts of 20 to 33 meters and our scissor lifts of 15 meters are very helpful in steel construction and finishing of construction works. Our fleet also includes passenger and material hoists which are a great compliment to most sites where tower cranes are being used.


Passenger and material hoists as well as hanging construction cradles are a very good compliment to most sites where tower cranes are used and we have quite a few of them.

Our clients require reliability and on-site support as any time lost is costly. We pride ourselves in always putting our customer’s needs first and making their life easier.